DJI OM 5 3-Axis Foldable Handheld Gimbal

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DJI OM 5 3-Axis Foldable Handheld Gimbal

DJI OM 5 3-Axis Foldable Handheld Gimbal


DJI OM 5 3-Axis Foldable Handheld Gimbal

What upgrades does DJI OM 5 have compared to DJI OM 4?

Major upgrades include:

1. Lighter and more compact with a new Sunset White color option.

2. DJI OM 5 features enhanced stabilization technology, which can stabilize and support heavier devices. It also features ActiveTrack 4.0 for enhanced tracking and provides smoother camera movements.

3. While retaining Gesture Control and many other shooting modes, DJI OM 5 supports the new ShotGuides feature, which automatically recognizes scenes, recommends templates, and helps you master every shot.

What devices are supported by DJI OM 5?

DJI OM 5 supports most mainstream phones on the market that are 67-84mm in width, 6.9-10mm in thickness, and 170-290 g in weight. For detailed information, please refer to the phone compatibility list on the official DJI website.

What is the magnetic force of DJI OM 5? Is it high enough to keep my phone on the gimbal securely?

The magnetic force of DJI OM 5 is 47.5 Newtons, roughly equivalent to the weight of more than two 2L bottles of soda, and strong enough to keep your smartphone securely attached.

Will the magnetic mount interfere with my phone?

DJI OM 5 will not affect the performance of the phone attached to it. However, some phones may require calibration after mounting. The magnetic design may influence other magnetic products. Do not put DJI OM 5 near a bank card, cardiac pacemaker, hard drive, or similar devices.

Phones transmitting data with magnetic signals may also be affected (for example, some Samsung phones that support MST). It is recommended to take off the phone clamp before using these functions.

What are the differences between Timelapse, Motionlapse, and Hyperlapse?

1. Timelapse is suitable for recording the passing of time at a fixed location by mounting DJI OM 5 onto a tripod or base.

2. Motionlapse allows users to record a timelapse video with the viewer’s perspective moving.

3. Hyperlapse allows users to record everything passing by as they hold the gimbal in hand and walk. ActiveTrack 4.0 provides additional options for flexible shooting.

DJI OM 5 x 1
Magnetic Phone Clamp 2 x 1
Grip Tripod x 1
Power Cable x 1
Storage Pouch x 1
Wrist Strap x 1




Additional information
Weight 1.000 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 12 cm
Brand Name


DJI Model

OM 5

of Axes


Titling Angle

Pan: -161.12° to 172.08°

Configured for



WIFI, bluetooth

Rolling Angle

Roll: -127.05° to 208.95°

Panning Angle

Tilt: -101.46° to 229.54°




handheld gimbal




Following the shooting mode, Face Recognition

Support Remote Control


Charging for Mobile Device




Model Number


App Setting




Camera Integration


Vertical Shooting


Reviews (10)

10 reviews for DJI OM 5 3-Axis Foldable Handheld Gimbal

  1. W***O

    O produto é muito bom! Porém achei poucas instruções na caixa e sem falar que é necessário carregar por um longo período.

  2. N***a

    Produto maravilhoso! Recomendo.

  3. F***o

  4. N***a

  5. N***a

  6. F***o

  7. C***o

    O produto chegou na cor escolhida, embalagem em perfeitas condições e lacrado. Moro em Belo Horizonte/MG e recebi o produto em 14 dias. Não fui taxado.

  8. J***o

    Produto excelente e original. Chegou rápido e sem taxar.

  9. R***a

    A consolidada marca DJI entrega um produto de muita qualidade, que junto com o Mimo App nos torna filmmakers amadores, porém com truques e soluções bem sofisticadas. Chegou bem rápido e a embalagem estava 95% intacta, apenas com um assadinho, que faz parte do manuseio dos correios e da logística internacional. Excelente vendedor, excelente produto, excelente experiência de compra.

  10. g***o

    produto muito bom

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