Best Wireless Headphones for TV

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Wireless headphones for TV are the best solution for late-night movie binges. They give you the freedom to watch TV anytime, without waking up partners, children, or neighbors. Besides keeping the house quiet, good wireless headphones can make watching TV sound better than ever, without the need for a surround-sound setup. The standout options are comfortable to wear and offer excellent performance and sound quality. Read on for the best wireless headphones for TV to accompany long movie nights and late-night gaming sessions.


We considered over 30 wireless headphones to narrow down the best options for watching TV. We judged each product based on:

Low Latency: With the right setup, pretty much any Bluetooth-enabled headphones can be paired with a TV, but some can have an annoying lag between the on-screen image and audio. To get around this issue, we mainly stuck with headphones that are designed specifically for use with TVs. These devices come with included transmitters, which are made to connect to TVs and have minimal audio delay. To ensure the headphones on this list can back up their low latency and high sound quality claims, we stuck with products from reputable brands.

Performance: When looking at performance, we took into account sound quality, range, battery life, and additional control and convenience features like on-headphone controls and multi-device support. We chose a variety of products to suit different types of users, including options with extra long battery life, excellent range, and convenient volume settings for the hard-of-hearing.

Comfort: A comfortable design was another important criteria point, and headphones with ergonomic and breathable designs came out on top on our list. Most of our picks are over-ear headphones, which are the most comfortable to wear for hours at a time. Learn more about how we test audio gear.

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